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UAE  -  Universal, Attractive, Economical


Welcome to the decoration of the interiors.

Our company specializes in interior arrangement of the fabric.

This is an offer of economic roller material.

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UAE Attractive Universal Economic blinds


Roller material is one of the simpler and more economic methods covering window. A very

wide range of materials available on the market has meant that the blinds in addition to the

typical utility function were also applicable to window decorations.

Interior designers, especially in modern homes and apartments  more and more to

decorate covering and windows instead of traditional curtains and blinds and apply

various types of roller shutters.

Blinds, which we offer are made from excellent quality materials with a rich palette of

colors and designs.

Blinds are operated chain,locking mechanism to stop the roller in any position.

Window to the frame, to the wall above the window

or the ceiling to make it can be installed under all conditions. In the case of PVC windows,

it is possible to apply special handles allow blinds to install without drilling holes in

the window frame.

Plastic roller elements are available in several colors.

We also offer blinds in cases and special guides for the roof windows.





UAE  -  Uniwersalne   Atrakcyjne   Ekonomiczne

UAE  -  Universal,   Attractive,   Economical

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